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Homeowner Maintenance of ATU-ONLINE

In this online course, we will be discussing information that is important to you, the homeowner, for performing proper operation, maintenance, and monitoring service of your onsite wastewater treatment system, also called an Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU) and Spray System. We will also discuss the routine reporting requirements for keeping your ATU & Spray System in compliance with Texas regulations at the state and local level. For Texas counties that have approved this course, it will allow homeowners to maintain their own Aerobic Treatment Unit. To determine if... Read More →


Aerobic Treatment Unit and Spray Field Course-Bosque County

Meridian Civic Center 309 West River Street, Meridian, Texas

This course covers the components of an aerobic treatment unit and spray field. Presentations discuss the importance of maintaining an on-site wastewater treatment system, health and safety considerations, basic concepts about the aerobic treatment processes, testing and reporting on the status of the treatment system, care and feeding of the aerobic treatment unit, and tools for evaluating the system. These presentations provide a basic understanding of the operational and maintenance activities for an aerobic treatment unit. The course explains how activities within the home can impact the operation... Read More →