In August 2023, TCEQ announced that the TAMU-OSSF Research Team was selected to conduct the following three new research projects funded under the TOGP Phase III.

  1. RVR (Recreational Vehicle Park Research) project to collect and analyze real-world RV park OSSF data to assist with operation, maintenance, and design and of future OSSF systems.
  2. RtR (Research the Research) project to to collect relevant data, research, and publications so that TCEQ may put together this information on their website and make it accessible to download; and
  3. FLOW-EQ (Flow Equalization or Dosing Refinement) project to to determine an optimal dosing period for an Aerobic Treatment Unit (or ATU).

Click on the following photos to learn more about each project:

Follow this page to learn more about our findings on these projects during 2024 and 2025.  Projects are expected to be completed by early 2026.

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