Fact Sheets:

  Aerobic Treatment Units (L-5302) (Spanish: L-5302S)

  Alternative Collection Systems (B-6098) (Spanish: B-6098S)

  Constructed Wetland (L-5230) (Spanish: L-5230S)

  Constructed Wetland Media (L-5459)

  Conventional Septic Tank/Drain Field (L-5234) (Spanish: L-5234S)

  Evapotranspiration Bed (L-5228) (Spanish: L-5228S)

  Gravel-Less Pipe (L-5343) (Spanish: L-5343S)

  Graywater (B-6176)

  Graywater Safety (L-5480)

  Greywater Use and Water quality (L-5504)

  Homeowner’s Guide to Evaluating Service Contracts (B-6171)

  Leaching Chambers (L-5342) (Spanish: L-5342S)

  Living with an Aerobic Treatment Unit and Spray Field (B-6234)

  Liquid Chlorination (L-5460)

  Low-Pressure Dosing (L-5235) (Spanish: L-5235S)

  Maintain Your Septic System to Protect Well Water (SC-015)

  Mound System (L-5414) (Spanish: L-5414S)

  Operation and Maintenance (L-5347) (Spanish: L-5347S)

  Owner’s Records Folder (L-5415) (Spanish: L-5415S)

  Pump Tank (L-5346)

  Responding to Power Outages and Floods (L-5475)

  Sand Filter (L-5229) (Spanish: L-5229S)

  Selecting and Permitting (B-6077) (Spanish: B-6077S)

  Septic Tank/Soil Absorption Field (L-5227) (Spanish: L-5227S)

  Spray Distribution (L-5236) (Spanish: L-5236S)

  Spray Distribution Systems (L-5303) (Spanish: L-5303S)

  Subsurface Drip Distribution (L-5237) (Spanish: L-5237S)

  Tablet Chlorination (L-5344) (Spanish: L-5344S)

  Trickling Filter (L-5345) (Spanish: L-5345S)

  Ultraviolet Light Disinfection (L-5483)

  Understanding and Maintaining your Septic System (L-5491)



OWTS 101: Basics of Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (SP-212)

OWTS 201: Overview of Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems (SP-213)

OWTS 320: Drip Distribution Systems for Dispersal of Effluents (SP-214)

Analyzing Wastewater Treatment Systems (BN-020A)

  Checking my Aerobic System: General Guidance for Monitoring Aerobic Treatment Units, Disinfecting Units, and Spray Fields in Texas (B-6235)

  Installation of Wastewater Treatment Systems (SP-374)

  Residential Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: An Operation and Maintenance Service Provider Program (SP-252)

   Soil Particle Analysis Procedure (B-6175)


Journal Articles:

Food-Service Establishment Wastewater Characterization

Food Service Wastewater Characteristics as Influenced by Management Practice and Primary Cuisine Type



  Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Constructed Wetlands (VHS SP-70)

  Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Overview of Septic Systems (DVD SP-132)  (VHS SP-129)

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Subsurface Drip Dispersal Systems (SP-189)

Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems: Water Movement in Soil Dispersal Systems (SP-190)

Plugging of Abandoned Water Wells (SP-71)


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