Wastewater Source (Homeowners)

Wastewater is composed of 99.9% water.  The constituents and strength of wastewater can vary depending on the source.  Domestic wastewater is the water that is discharged from plumbing fixtures, appliances, toilets, bath, laundry, and dishwashers in a residence.

Commercial wastewater comes from businesses, restaurants and manufacturing plants.  Septic systems owners should be aware that anything they dump down their sinks or drains will end up passing through their septic system and end up in their ground water and surface water supplies.

Homeowners also should be aware of the operation and maintenance requirements of their system.  Proper operation and maintenance can protect public and environmental health, increase their systems longevity, as well as protect property use and value.  The Homeowners Guide to Evaluating A Service Contract is a valuable tool for septic system owners who choose to have a professional take care of their system.

The constituents that are present in wastewater include:

Pathogenic Organisms
Persistent Organic Compounds
Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG)
Endocrine Disputers

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