TOGP Research

In August of 2019, the Texas On-Site Sewage Facility Grant Program (TOGP) awarded us three grants to the support applied research and demonstration projects for on-site wastewater treatment technology and systems. Following three projects are underway at our OSSF Center on RELLIS Campus:

  1. ATU project to study effects of low-flow and time-dosing on effluent quality,
  2. LPD project to study effects of two alternative designs on effluent distribution, and
  3. REUSE project to study performance two onsite wastewater reuse technologies in real-world operating conditions.

Click on the following photos to learn more about each project:

During the 2020 Annual International Meeting (2020-AIM) of ASABE, our team presented the following two papers related to the TOGP funded research projects.  Click on the following links to download the papers:

  1. Onsite Wastewater Research Funding – Texas Model (ASABE Paper Number: 2000034)
  2. On Site Water Treatment Research at Texas A&M (ASABE Paper Number: 2000715)

Final reports for all three projects are expected by December 2021.

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